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What is ITI?

Industrial Training Institutes

“Industrial Training Institute” are training institute which provide training in technical field to cultivate and nurture a technical and industrial attitude in the minds of the younger generation and constituted under Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGET), Ministry of Labor & Employment, Union Government of India The duration of course may vary from one year to three years depending upon trade opted for example electrician, automobile engineer, architect, fitter, welder, etc. After completion of desired period of training the person is eligible to get domestic or international job in the respective trade. The students after completion of ITI, will cater to the manufacturing industry and other technical fields.

Why Open ITI College

60% of the Indian population is rural, who are the target candidates There is a huge requirement of skilled workers in industry today like fitter, welder, electrician, automobile engineers, diesel mechanic, architect, etc. And this requirement is growing day by day as the market is growing.    

  • Currently this sector is highly promoted by our national leaders.
  • ITI caters to the Manufacturing sector which is evergreen sector and will always grow.
  • Once affiliated, a lot of government aided courses can be added easily

Future of ITI colleges    

  • ITI passed students are the backbone of any manufacturing industry and manufacturing industry will always grow. This justifies the everlasting demand of ITI engineers.
  • Our national leaders are promoting the manufacturing in India and export. They have taken a lot of initiatives for the same. Definitely the demand for ITI engineers in coming years will exponentially increase.
  • We can open ‘n’ number of similar colleges in different advantageous locations after first successful project since the startup cost is not much but the initial experience is more important.
  • We can introduce niche branches like automobile engineers, CAD architect, etc to create an unmatchable place of study.

Who can open ITI colleges

There are no official binding in terms of qualification or financial stability to be able to open an ITI college. If you are interested in education business, want to serve society with educational services and financial stable enough as per project requirement, you can start the college.

Who affiliates ITI

  • DGET: Is an abbreviation for Directorate General of Employment & Training. This department comes under Ministry of Labour and Employment. This is the main Central Govt. body which grants the NCVT affiliation to the Private ITI.
  • QCI: Quality Council of India (QCI) was set up jointly by the Government of India and the Indian Industry represented by the three premier industry associations i.e. ASSOCHAM, CII and FICCI, to establish and operate national accreditation structure. QCI is registered as a non-profit society with its own Memorandum of Association.
  • NCVT: The National Council for Vocational Training, an advisory body, was set up by the Government of India. The Council has been entrusted with the responsibilities of prescribing standards and curricula for craftsmen training, advising the Government of India on the overall policy and programmes, conducting All India Trade Tests and awarding National Trade Certific
  • NABET: National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET), one of the constituent Board of Quality Council of India (QCI) is responsible for handling the process of Accreditation of Government and Private Industrial Training Institutes. QCI (NABET) Accreditation is applicable to following Industrial Training Institutes

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